Home Decorating Trends For 2014

October 20, 2013

Today let’s talk a little bit about interior design trends. The year 2013 is slowly going away and all home decor stores are already packed with Christmas collections. In that time of year I like to reflect what was popular in the past year and look forward and try to predict what will be in the next. I have chosen several design objects which represent major tendencies in the world of interiors today and, I believe, will carry over to 2014.


It seems that era of toneless neutrals has gone forever, at least several years in a row designers show love for very bright and colourful accessories. Top favourites among the colours are neon pink, deep fuchsia, bright orange, yellow and red. There is no wonder in it as all of them perfectly match dark moody walls, also so popular today.

Taiki lamp from Paola Lenti

Taiki lamp by Paola Lento


If you look at major furniture manufacturing companies, you will notice that all new collections are primarily focused on the comfort, functionality and ergonomics: their hallmarks are simple organic forms and pure lines. Wingback and egg chairs are still very hot and my absolute favorite among new products is RO Chair by Fritz Hansen:

Image source


Furs and skins are able to make any interior look cozy and inviting. Have a look at this quirky sheep skin stool from 47 Park Avenue, don’t you feel an irresistible desire to palm it?

sheep skin stool


If you suddenly feel behaving like a bad boy, spraying graffiti or writing rude words on the walls, just follow your instincts as hooliganism is now in vogue. Funky accessories such as these neon lighting (again from 47 Park Avenue) will make your house look totally unconventional and avant-garde:

neon light

5) ANIMAL LOVE still continues and I hope it will last forever. The diversity is huge: from cute little doggies to these a bit gloomy but so swanky crows from Abigail Ahern’s shop:

Ravens Bookends from Abigail Ahern's Shop


Morris dog from Abigail Ahern’s shop

6) GOLD FEVER seems to have captured the minds of designers. We can see table mats, cushions, golden skin sofas, puffs and many other golden accessories in new collections:

golden mat

Golden mat from Zara home

7) COLOURED GLASS accessories such as these beautiful emerald green bottles from Joel Phillip Myers will make any vignette look chic and elegant:

Bottles from


Indulge your passion for collecting rare and authentic artisanal objects. Especially trendy are tribal cushions, oriental rugs, carved furniture and ceramic artworks with exotic flavor. These pieces will make your house  very original and unique:

ceramic plate

Do you like these trends? Which one is your favourite? Share your thoughts in the comments section and please don’t forget to share this post, if you liked it.



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