14 Cool Wall Art Ideas

August 26, 2013

When all construction works are done, furniture is bought and installed, starts the most challenging interior design stage – creating the “Wow-factor”. Very often designers do it by creating one of a kind wall decor. However, looking at large blank wall it is so easy to get stuck and mostly people will end up with traditional choice: photography or paintings. But how about going a bit further and think of using unusual objects as wall decor? I found these ideas which seemed very stylish and fresh to me. Hope you will enjoy them too!

1) Installation of vintage phones will bring a nostalgic mood to your room:

Wall decor - vintage phones

Image source

2) Decor made of  variously shaped and styled wall mirrors we have seen a hundred of times, but how about creating a display from the collection of hand mirrors?

Wall decor - hand mirrors

3) I am not sure, what exactly it is, probably a microscopic image of a plant cell, but I definitely like it on the wall! Looks refreshing, bright and… green:

wall decor

Image source

4) Probably not so new (have seen it before), but anyway like it! Especially  colour decision – painting wall dark and bicycle bright – and you’ve got the focal point that you’ll never miss:

5) Vintage ski on the wall, fireplace and warm plaid on the sofa… and I already miss Switzerland:

wall decor - hanged ski

6) Love this idea because it is so easy to implement! You just need to find a lovely piece of textile (In this case traditional Himalayan fabric was used), wrap it around a wood or plastic board and attach to the wall:

wall decor - fabric canvas

Image source – Magazine “Interiors”

7) Another great DIY idea – all what you need is inexpensive ceiling medallions and acrylic spray paint.

8) Designer Mariella Ienna created a custom wallpaper by printing vintage botanical images. She then complimented the look with real grass and palm branches:

9) We continue with the green theme and now remembering  school botanic lessons  – I still keep in memory how I was collecting plants and then drying them between book pages:

wall decor - dried plants

Source – Magazine “Maison”

10) And now we shall move to anatomy class: a overscale image of human skeleton is used here as wall decor in the bedroom:

Wall decor - x ray

11) Another approach to wall art is hanging unusual objects – something which you use in daily life but which is not meant for being on the wall. Let’s start with chairs, for example:

Wall decor - hanged chairs

Image source – Magazine “Interiors”

12) And continue with vintage dip net:

wall decor

13) And end up with a boat! (sorry, I understand it is not a wall decor, but rather ceiling, but the idea is so cool that I couldn’t skip it, and I am sure it will look great against the wall too):

Wall decor - hanged boar

14) If you seek to add some exotic or african feel to the space, have a look at this wonderful room: African tribal skirt is used as display object:

wall decor - tribal skirt

Do you like these ideas? Which one inspires you most?

Looking forward to hearing from you and please share, if you liked the post!


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