Essential Colour: Dark Teal

July 24, 2013

Many people think that when they need to decorate a small space, the best thing to do is to paint it white or light pastel colours to make it look more spacious and airy.  This doesn’t always work as these tints in a room with lack of natural light will look greasy. Much better in this case is to opt for dark bold colours. One of my favourite choices for the small interiors is dark teal. It is an amazing profound colour, which is able to give depth and interest to any space. Likewise dark teal will look great in big rooms with plenty of natural light.

Luke Irwin's Tigris Rug

Luke Irwin’s Tigris Rug

If you like this colour and brave enough to use it as primary for decorating the space, consider these little design tips.

Dark teal loves:

1) Crispy snow-white which adds contrast and freshness to the space:

dark teal 2

dark teal bedroom

2) Brown leather and velvets which will add coziness and warmth to the room:

dark teal and brown

3) Warm wood tones such as walnut and mahogany:

dark teal

4) Combination with taupe, sand and beige tones (though these magic neutrals usually work well with almost any colour):

dark teal and beige

5) Gold instead of silver. Dark teal is a very cold colour combining blue, green and black shades. It just needs a little bit of warm contrast on it:

dark teal and yellow

6) Reds, yellows and pinks as accents, if you want to go bold. Add colourful cushions, lampshades and oriental rugs:

dark teal and red

dark teal



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