Simple strategy to get more followers to your blog

As soon as people start blogging they become very enthusiastic about it. It is so exciting to check out the statistics of visits, receive “likes” and comments, get new followers. For some bloggers it is closely related to their business and they expect to convert subscribers into consumers of their products and services. Some people blog just for fun, and for them the amount of followers shows their success as a writer and entertainer. As you probably guess the amount of followers is connected to the amount of general traffic: first you need to get visitors and then convert them into subscribers. Being very interested in promoting my own blog, I have read a lot of related articles, analyzed plenty of material and came out with this simple strategy.

Listed below are 11 easy tips for increasing the popularity of your blog.

1) Write more, publish often. According to HubSpot’s Benchmarks report, companies that blog 6-8 times per month double their lead volume comparing to those who blog 3-5 times per month. An average company will notice a 45% growth in traffic if it increases the amount of published posts from 11-20 to 21-50 articles. Solution: to get more traffic, blog at least 2 times per week and publish more than 50 articles. Some of the visitors will eventually become subscribers.

2) Increase the amount of Twitter. According to the same report companies with 51 to 100 followers generate 106% more traffic than those with 25 or fewer. You can read about how I get new followers on my Twitter account here.

3) Expand the Facebook reach. Increasing amount of Facebook likes to more than 1000 will help to generate 185% more traffic to your blog. To get more likes to your Facebook page you need to promote it wherever possible: in the email signatures, on the business cards, in the LinkedIn groups, in your tweets, etc.

4) Expose your blog to new readers. You can expand your audience by diversifying the topics you cover. If you start writing about wider variety of subjects, it will increase the chances to find your blog under different search terms. The important thing here is to blog within the same area of interest that you have chosen (photography, design, arts, etc.). For example, I want to explore the following topics in my Interior Design blog:

  • DIY
  • Before & After
  • Creating lists (e.g. 20 Most Famous Interior Designers, 30 Best Interior Design blogs, etc.)
  • Buy-guides (recommendations on how to select fabrics, wallpapers, paint, tiles, etc.)
  • Product reviews

5) Use new formats. Browsing through the Internet I have noticed that some forms of presenting information are more appealing to me than the others. Thus, I absolutely love to download free e-books and read “how-to” guides. The following formats are some of the most effective and you can try to use them to grow your audience:

  • e-books & e-magazines
  • research & reports
  • free templates
  • “how-to” and “step-by-step” guides
  • videos

6) Concentrate on creating amazing titles. You can write an outstanding article but if you don’t put an effort to create an attractive title, nobody will read it. The title must call to action (to read the full article) and to explain what this article is about in a few words. Here are some examples of the titles which are usually very effective:

  • 10 easy steps to grow followers of your blog (people love ready-to-implement solutions)
  • How to get 1000 blog followers in 3 months or less (narrow the time frame for desired result)
  • 10 little known tricks that will increase amount of your blog followers (sounds intriguing)
  • Hot list: new trends which make blogs super popular (people love hot lists and trends)
  • 10 lies about SEO (be controversial, put some well-known facts and prove them false)
  • New strategy which will save your blog from dying (threat – solution)

7) Make an outstanding design. I have already outlined the importance of blog design here. Appealing and original blog design will increase the chances that your readers will come back. Some tips to make your blog design stand out from the crowd:

  • register on Instagram. Surprisingly or not, but Instagram today has become one of the most popular applications to edit and share photos. Not only small business but even world famous luxury brands such as Marc Jacobs and Tiffany & Co use Instagram for inbound marketing.

    image via

    image via

  • focus on making your content more visual. “Visually oriented” – that’s how I call current trend in website design. The popularity of such applications as Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr makes it clear that you need to enhance your blog with more illustrations, e.g. photos, graphics, cartoons, etc.  As an example, you can see updates from my Facebook page. Which one is more appealing to you?


  • this one?or this one?

8) Make it easy to follow you. In order to make readers follow your blog, you need to make the subscription procedure very easy. Place “follow” button on the most visible place. Make people see how many followers you already have. If your readers want to follow you on other Social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, let them know how to find you there. For the reference you may visit my About page.

9) Interact with other bloggers. It is so much said already about it, that I will not go deep into detail. Post comments, reply to comments, read other blogs, put likes and be nice to people.

10) Stick to your niche and maximize it. In my blog I write a lot about my Interior Design studies. No surprise that other Interior Design students subscribe to my blog. Attract readers who have the same interests as you – chances that they will become your followers are very high.

11) Focus on creating great content. We can discuss importance of design, SEO, marketing, but without interesting content your blog is worth nothing. The formula for publishing outstanding posts is very easy, you just need to be:

  • original
  • comprehensive
  • entertaining


    • says

      Hi Jessica, thank you very much! Yes, in my opinion Twitter is a very useful tool. Actually it stands for me on the second place after LinkedIn for generating traffic to my blog. Plus it allows me to be updated with what’s going on in the world of Interior Design. I really recommend you to register there and we can follow each other 😉

  1. says

    Hi! Great post. Learning so much, I feel like a blog sponge. I design blog sponge. I have a tumblr, facebook, twitter, linkedin, blog, reddit, stumbleupon and HEADACHE Account. Is that enough? I too start by saying ok – i’ll do this for 10 minutes then spend so much time on this laptop – I forget to live!

    I wonder if there’s a methodology to follow so that you don’t end up going in circles – any suggestions?

    OH have no instagram – i thought you had to have a camera to use that! ie. iphone?

    Elena –

    • says

      Hi, Elena! Thank you for visiting my blog and your comment. By the way, you have a beautiful blog, I really like your style.
      I am not registered on on Stumbleupon and Reddit yet – do you find them useful? I suppose there is no “enough” or “not enough” in Social media – you can be registered everywhere, but if you are not active on these networks, it brings no result. It is good to try them all but then choose for yourself the most effective – for example, for me these are LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and I concentrate on them. I tried Google+, but didn’t like it, so I don’t spend time on it.
      I think we all have this challenge – to be active in Social Media but at the same time not to be absorbed by it. In the beginning I spent so much time on it, even writing a blog post was taking me several days. Now what I do is I prepare a “to do” list for every day with time frames. I put everything what I am going to write on a paper first (just bullet points – no need to write it all), and then it takes me few minutes to post it. Also I have defined a specific time in the day, when I look through all comments on the blog, FB, Twitter and reply to them (rather checking updates every now and then).
      Instagram is an application for Apple and Android devices. The idea is that you can make photos any time when you’ve seen something beautiful or interesting – e.g. on the way to work or in the shop. Thеn you can edit pics there, and share them with your followers on FB. I have already downloaded it and find it really cool.
      Kind regards,

    • says

      You are welcome! I am glad they were helpful. Some more hints, which I discovered recently:
      1) Google + – if you still don’t share your posts there, it is time to do it. Mostly people are very skeptical about it preferring FB or Twitter, but the good point about this tool is that it will help you to bring your post to the top of the Google page when you search it by key words.
      2) – check it out, I found it really helpful and it already started to generate some extra traffic for me.
      Have a good day!

  2. says

    Hi, Dominika! Thank you very much for your comment. I am active on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook but didn’t cover Instagram yet too. Though seeing current trends I think it is good to start using it. The most important thing is to find time as you mentioned. The thing is when I open Facebook I get so distracted by other posts and updates that I spend more time there than I intended to do. I believe the time management is a must in Social Media marketing. Lets say 10 mins on FB, 10 mins on Twitter, etc. :)

  3. girlindesign says

    I’m using Facebook and LinkedIn at the moment. Seriously considering getting an Instagram account.

    I suppose the only problem with social media is that every hour feels like 10 mins 😉 so it’s easy to get sucked in.

  4. says

    Ahahah – so true :) Do you have a Facebook page or you are using it from your personal account? If you have a page you can send me the link so that I can “like” it. And we can follow each other via LinkedIn too. I’ve just registered on Instagram ))


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