Inspiration of the Day: Azerbaijani Carpets

November 21, 2012

Exploring the world of Azerbaijani carpets I was fascinated by great variety and originality of their ornaments. Every symbol has its meaning and is never placed on the carpet without purpose. Some of ornaments have protective character and they are meant to defend a carpet owner from evil spirits. Another symbols tell us a story about our forefathers, their mode of life and traditions.

table lamp № 1

table lamp №2

Carpets were always closely connected to arts and architecture. Some of the symbols used for buildings decoration were also used for carpets ornamentation.

Using some of the patterns I sketched this collection of home decor objects: table lamps and plates. They are intended to be made from porcelain and hand-painted. Tell me what do you think.

plate №1

plate № 2


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