Inspiration of the day: Cupboard “Cameos”

November 4, 2012

Today’s inspiration came from looking at my Cameo brooch, which I have bought on Tbilisi Flea Market. It was produced in the beginning of the XX century and has a beautiful light pink background and ivory relief image of a woman’s face on it.

I love Cameos. They remind me of romantic women of the XIX century, antique Roman emperors and Napoleon Bonapart. Many women today are afraid to wear them as they think they are too old-fashioned and splashy. I don’t think they are as I have never seen anything some much feminine and delicate as cameo jewelry.

I was thinking that it would be great to use cameos in home decor. As a result I sketched this cupboard design. It has brown and white checkerboard background made of different coloured veneer and  three cameo-style wooden carvings on it. It has neat minimalistic shape combined with some elements from baroque style.


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