I felt myself like noblewoman in Kuksu Muiza – old manor house in Latvia

August 29, 2012

Having received advice from my father-in-law to visit Kuksu Muiza I absolutely didn’t expect to discover such a pearl in the middle of Latvia’s vast lands. Lets begin from the fact that history of this manor starts as from XVI century. The house was several times rebuilt and the present look was mainly formed in the XVIII century. After World War II collective farm management moved into the manor and when later the house was returned to the Latvian owner its condition was lamentable. However, after years of renovation under the supervision of scientists, the original look of the house was returned. Nowadays it welcomes guests in all its beauty and splendour.

View on Kuksu Muiza from Lake, image is taken from

Four rooms on the ground floor have unique paintings which for many years were covered with wallpaper and then were carefully cleaned and restored. Restorers did an unbelievable job in bringing back to life all the original details such as parquet, doors, staircases, brick floor and ovens.

Fragment of ceiling painting, photo by: Anna Kovalchenko

Some of the most beautiful and interesting from historical point of view rooms are located on the ground floor and include:

– The ladies boudoir furnished with mahogany furniture in Russian imperial style;
– Hunting and/or dining room, furnished in historic style;

Hunting and dining room, image is taken from

– Cognac room − truly a man’s room in Danzig baroque style:

Cognac room, image is from

– Tea room – a light, opulent room with gilded rococo furniture:

Furniture in Tea room, photo by: Anna Kovalchenko

– The great hall – completely in Biedermeier style:

Kuksu Muiza Interiors, image is from

All 13 guest rooms are located on the second floor and decorated in different style and mood. My family had fantastic time in Kuksu Muiza.


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