Relais Orso Hotel, Rome

August 26, 2012

This August I had a pleasure to spend several days in one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Rome. I stayed in Relais Orso, stunningly beautiful new hotel located just few steps from Piazza Navona. Designed and built by the architect Danilo Maglio, Relais Orso is a boutique hotel which has only 15 rooms. Should you go for a romantic getaway with your loved one this will be a perfect place for you to stay in as it offers privacy, spectacular design and fantastic location.

Entrance of the hotel, Via Dell’Orso.

All rooms has design furniture, huge walk-in shower with glass door and view on old-Rome alleys. Deluxe rooms and Junior Suitesalso have in-room Jacuzzi. I absolutely loved polished concrete walls and floor in the bathroom. Interesting detail – each room is named after famous writer (we stayed in Lewis Carroll’s).

Deluxe Room

Our bathroom…

However, those who want to come to Rome for a longer period of time would probably suffer from lack of storage facilities which I personally experienced (girls who travel not only with 1 pair of jeans and carry with them a separate suitcase for cosmetics will definitely understand me). The wardrobe is probably interesting from a designer’s point of view but is not very spacious:

In our room…

The hotel website features a roof garden which was unfortunately not finished yet by the time we arrived.

Striving to provide additional value to guests, Hotel rents out a state of art electro car with a unique futuristic design.  Renault Twizy offers guests a sustainable and convenient way to commute between historical monuments of Rome.  Rest assured that you will feel like a celebrity riding this “space mobil”.  It was so fun to drive in it around Rome, make people taking pictures of us and ask: “Is this a car??!!” So far Relais Orso is the only hotel in Rome which rents these “space cars” to guests.



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